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Eyelid surgery in Malaysia - What you need to know

Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the demand has led to an expansion of unlicensed practitioners performing procedures to the eyelids which they are not trained. Such practitioners are typically beauticians who perform these procedures in their salons or non-certified foreign doctors flown in by beauty salon operators to operate in hotels. Aside from the unsterile conditions where these operations are performed, many of these practitioners are unable to manage the complications arising from their operations.



This 48 year-old woman had had two operations in a hotel by a foreign doctor to create double eyelids. She was unhappy with the result as the skin creases were significantly different on both sides (left picture). Revisional blepharoplasty was carried out to address the asymmetry, the right picture was taken 10 days post-revision.


This patient had had double eyelid procedure in a beauty saloon. The procedure was performed by a Chinese "surgeon". However, the skin creases were uneven (picture left) and the "surgeon" could not be contacted. She came for a revision to balance the two sides (picture right).


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