Patient Information Sheet

You have a condition of the eye known as hyphaema. This means that there is a small bleed inside the front chamber of your eye in front of the iris (the coloured part of your eye).

The following guidelines are intended to help the condition resolve quickly.

What to do when you get home

This is very important!  The small amount of blood is very quickly absorbed.  If you move around, it will swirl about and it may take slightly longer for your eye to get better.  It can also cause your eye to bleed some more.  You must take life easy.  No sports, bending or lifting.  You should not go back to work until instructed to do so.

The prescribed eye drops are to help your eye to heal.  It is important to take them at the correct time.  You must be careful not to poke your eye when putting the drops in.

Return Appointment:
It is necessary for your eye to be checked to ensure the blood is clearing.  Please come back to the Eye Hospital when you are asked to.

Sometimes the eye can re-bleed. If this happens, the vision will suddenly become reduced or blurred and the eye might be painful.

What to do if this happens:

You should return to the Eye Casualty department at once, if this is not possible, telephone the Eye Hospital and ask for advice.

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