Patient Information Sheet
This is an inflammatory condition affecting the edge of the eyelids. The cause is often unknown. Prolonged treatment may be required before it is effective and despite this, the condition may recur. 

Signs and Symptoms 

Red, inflamed eyelids 
Crusting around the eyelashes 
Itching and discomfort 


First - Eye makeup removal. 

All makeup should be thoroughly removed every evening.  We suggest 'SIMPLE Extra gentle eye Makeup Remover', available from most chemists.  Use hypoallergenic makeup or that suitable for contact lens wearers, and avoid any which cause irritation. 

Second - Heat application. 

Using a clean face flannel wrung out in tapwater as hot as is comfortable, apply as a hot compress to the eyelids for about 5 minutes, morning and evening.  This softens debris and crusts and allows oil to flow out of the glands and onto the eyelids. 

Third – Lid toilet. 

Using a ‘no tears’ baby shampoo, make up a cleansing solution as follows: 

Place one teaspoon of baby shampoo in a cup of boiled water. Allow to cool and make sure the shampoo has dissolved. This solution will last for 1 week after which it has to be renewed.  Dip a clean cotton wool bud in the solution and rub the base of the eyelashes quite firmly to remove the crustiness. Use a new cotton wool bud for each eye. Repeat this every morning and evening, unless otherwise instructed by the nurse or doctor. 

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