Test Your Skills in Eye Casualty

Case 1
This patient presented with sudden loss of right vision. Examination 
with an ophthalmoscopy revealed the above appearance. 
What is the diagnosis?

Case 2
This patient complains of sudden onset loss of part of the  left visual field. Your ophthalmoscopic view was as shown in the picture above. What is the diagnosis?

Case 3
This patient presented with sudden onset loss of the right upper visual field and decreased vision. What is the diagnosis?

Case 4
This patient complained of pain in the left eye. The pupil was irregular as shown. What is the diagnosis?

Case 5
This patient complained of floater and visual field loss. What is shown in the picture?

Case 6
This patient underwent an uneventful cataract extraction and implant recently. He came to the casualty with severe eye pain in the operated eye. What is the diagnosis ?

Case 7
This patient presented with severe pain in the right eye and reduced vision. The pupil did not react to light. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Case 8
This patient sustained a facial injury as shown above. Before repairing the eyes, what two things would you like to do?