Guidelines for Ocular Referrals:

The following is a quick guideline for ocular referrals, if you have any doubt about the patient's diagnosis please contact the eye casualty during the opening hours or the ophthlamologist on-call when the casualty is closed. Please click the eye conditions below or on the left-hand column for further information. 
Immediate referrals Same day
(within 24 hours)
Same week Conditions that do not need referrals
Red eye (non-traumatic cases) Trauma: Sudden visual loss: Third nerve palsy (with pupil involvement ie. dilated pupil) Red eye: Trauma: Swollen lids: Sudden visual loss: Persistent conjunctivitis


Facial nerve palsy unless there is severe corneal exposure then within 24 hours.

Sticky eye of less than 24 hours without pain

Chalazion (refers to the minor operating list.)

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