This is an autoimmune disorder of unknown cause although some patients have a history of autoimmune 
disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Localised patch of redness on the eye white with little discomfort
  • The visual acuity is normal
  • Localised area of conjunctival injection and the underlying episclera
  • No discharge 
  • This condition is self-limiting 
  • If there is no discomfort, no treatment is needed. The condition resolves within two weeks 

  • and recurrence is common.
  • If the patient complains of discomfort or if the problem fails to resolve spontaneously, refer 

  • the patient in the same week. Topical mild steroid may be needed
Figure 1.
This patient presents with a one-week history of right ocular discomfort and redness 
on the nasal side of the conjunctiva.The localized nature of the redness is typical 
of episcleritis. She responded well with topical mild steroid and the condition resolves 
within one week.

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